Do I need any Yacht Charter insurance?

Charter operator usually have a comprehensive insurance with excess on the yacht. There are however still some substantial financial risks for you, so it’s a good idea to think about specialist sailing insurance before you head off.

Read our lowdown on the different insurance options available for yacht charter holidays so you can make informed choices and hit the water worry-free.

  • Charter deposit insurance: You will be asked to leave a deposit when chartering a yacht, which usually covers the excess of the charterer’s insurance if the yacht incurs or causes any damage. Damage or losing items can easily occur and especially if you go on a trip with friends, the harmony can change quite quickly if everyone on board is being asked to cover for the cost. Charter deposit insurance will cover you for losing that deposit. This type of insurance usually lasts for a year and covers multiple trips. Check that the insurance covers the full deposit as well as any dinghies or water sports equipment.
  • Skipper liability insurance: As a skipper you are responsible for yourself, your passengers, any third parties and the yacht. There are times when your charterer’s insurance won’t apply, such as for damage which you or your crew have culpably caused to other people or material as well as consequential damages if the yacht is not ready for the next charter. If you’re the official skipper, this is one to consider. Those chartering a skippered or crewed yacht are safe to go without.
  • Charter cancellation insurance: Not usually covered in normal travel insurance, if your skipper falls ill or the trip needs to be cancelled for any reason out of your control, this will save you stress and money. 
  • Travel health insurance: This is not specific to yacht charters, but as important as emergency cases like requiring urgent recovery while sailing can get quite expensive. Typically Travel health insurances are offered with different coverage. Ensure yours covers risks on a sailing trip. Nobody wants to be slapped with a big bill while sick or injured.
  • Charter operator insolvency insurance: Charter operators abide by slightly different rules to tour operators, and one of those means they aren’t obliged to pay back customers if they become insolvent. This insurance will cover your back, but make sure you include the cost of flights and any related travel too.

Where to find specialist sailing insurance

There are a handful of reliable European insurance providers in this area, including the following:

EIS Insurance

Hamburger YV