Friends having fun on chartered yacht, laughing

Why go crewed?

Enjoy stress-free sun, sea and service on an exclusive crewed yacht charter holiday

Unwind, explore and be pampered in privacy at sea

Whether you’re a sailing pro, novice or anything in between, anyone can enjoy a yacht holiday in the Mediterranean. Charter a skippered or crewed yacht and escape the crowds while taking on as much, or as little, hands-on sailing as you like.

Relax on board while your skipper takes the helm or choose to build your sailing skills while exploring the Mediterranean with an expert. Qualified and experienced sailors may want the freedom of alternating taking responsibility with some quality family time while the crew handles the navigation. Chartering a crewed yacht makes a luxury sailing holiday a real option for anybody regardless of sailing history, where meals, drinks and snacks are served to you, water toys are at the ready and you still get to discover a new harbour, cove or coastal village each evening.

Imagine burden-free, sun-drenched days on deck, a fresh Greek salad waiting for you after a cooling dip and paddleboarding at sunset. At the end of an exhilarating day, emerge from your cabin showered and glowing to drinks and nibbles on board before dinner in town recommended by those in-the-know.

On a crewed yacht charter holiday you’ll glide into Italy’s world-famous marinas while sipping a smoothie made for you, safe in the knowledge that you have avoided the infamous Italian traffic. Tuck into fresh seafood in Ibiza or Mallorca at tables pre-booked by your crew who know all the newest spots. Discover Croatia’s dazzling Dalmatian coastline visiting the quieter, lesser-known islands which you would not have found on your own. If you’re into sea life, your skipper will help you find turtles off Greece or dolphins off the Canary Islands, and you will end each day feeling invigorated and utterly pampered.

What is a skippered yacht charter holiday?

A skippered yacht charter holiday is a fantastic way to sail with support and beach-hop without having to handle roads or parking. You just need to choose how hands-on you want to be, have fun and plan meals: much like a villa holiday but with the vast shimmering Mediterranean as your swimming pool.

Think of your skipper as the driver of your charter yacht, or your co-pilot if you are a certified skipper wanting to build your sailing confidence. He or she lives on board with you and advises you on the technical side of sailing, your route and all things boat-related so you can explore beautiful surroundings worry-free.

Your skipper will also understand local weather patterns, the intricacies of local harbours, sand banks, currents and anything else to look out for, putting your mind at ease. And if you fancy a day off, your skipper will take the helm. A skippered yacht charter holiday is a fantastic way to unwind and beach-hop without having to handle roads or parking. All you need to do is have fun on board and in the water, and plan meals, much like a villa holiday but with the vast shimmering Mediterranean as your swimming pool. Think of your skipper as the driver of your charter yacht. He or she lives on board with you and takes care of the sailing, your route and all things boat-related so you can switch off in beautiful surroundings. All you need to do is include him or her in your food planning and make sure they have a cabin to themselves.

What is a crewed yacht charter holiday?

Hiring a crewed yacht can be the ultimate personalised holiday. Dependent on the size of the yacht and crew, it's the equivalent of a small boutique hotel to a 5-star all-inclusive hotel and you, your family and friends are the only guests. It combines privacy, discovering an area by sea, luxury and pampering of the crew.

A crewed charter are yachts with a dedicated crew where every crew member is responsible for specific tasks ranging from sailing and navigation to cooking and serving to in some cases to massage, fiteness trainer or nanny. The crew will have extensive expertise and knowledge of the region that enables them to get you to quiet coves, bustling beach parties, charming local eateries and exclusive restaurants, should you choose not to eat deliciously prepared meals on board.

Your helpful and discrete on-board team will also enable water activities for your group, whether it’s water skiing, scuba diving, hover board or more. Every family member from age zero upwards will feel safe and occupied.

Why should I take a crewed or skippered yacht charter holiday?

Something for everyone. While there is no requirement to sail the boat yourself on a skippered or crewed sailing holiday in the Mediterranean, there is always the option to develop your skills if you are a certified skipper already. Those without qualifications can also help by being part of the crew, bringing in fenders, helping with manoeuvres and learning how to prepare and close down the boat before and after a day at sea. Your skipper will be happy to (literally) show you the ropes, so you can end the trip with a fresh air glow and the satisfaction of newfound knowledge. If not, enjoy relaxing, sunbathing and swimming while the legwork is handled for you.

Choose your pace. Greece and Spain’s Balearic islands are famous for their beachfront parties and jet set nightlife, but both destinations also offer peaceful coves and tranquil white sand beaches for a calmer scene. Your skipper and crew can help tailor your itinerary to your exact needs, whether you’re a party animal or prefer to laze, sunbathe and snorkel on your yacht charter holiday. 

No cooking, washing up or thinking needed. On a crewed yacht charter holiday, your crew will shop for, cook, serve and clean up after every meal so you don’t need to lift a finger. This is a proper holiday away from mental load. Enjoy a sunset snorkel while a cocktail is being created for you, or take a morning swim and be greeted back on board with a hot coffee and breakfast.

Top tables and insider tips. Sardinia’s Costa Smerelda and Italy’s Amalfi coast are both gastronomic hotspots where advance table bookings can turn a simple holiday into an unforgettable culinary masterpiece. Wherever you sail, your crew will have the inside knowledge on where to book, when. They will guide you towards the top tables in exclusive venues, as well as secret spots for a secluded beach picnic or remote anchorages for sundowners in nature.

Wildlife spotting made easy. Spot giant turtles off Zakynthos and dolphins off the Canary Islands with ease on a crewed or skippered yacht charter holiday. Your skipper will know the area and be familiar with migration patterns, as well as having a great network who can send an alert when a sighting has been made. Think of it as a no-stress sea safari, and come home with memories and photos you’re proud of.

Escape the crowds. With covid safety still on our minds, escaping the crowds and relaxing in your own space appeals now more than ever. On a luxury yacht charter holiday you can ditch the sanitiser and swim, sail and sunbathe all day, completely worry-free.

Choosing a yacht with a skipper or crew means you can choose to be as active or as low-key as you like. Build your sailing confidence or learn a new skill while exploring the shimmering sea and vibrant coastlines of this stunning corner of Europe. No crowds, no sharing of swimming pools or fighting for sun loungers: your charter yacht is all yours to enjoy as you wish.